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We Clean Pools for Colleyville Neighborhoods

Clean & Safe Swimming Begins with our Weekly Pool Service
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A Green Colleyville Pool is such a Crying Shame

Colleyville Neighborhood Pool Cleaners is an experienced pool care company serving customers in the Colleyville & Euless region. We have a big desire for providing our Colleyville residents with quality in pool cleaning workmanship at competitive rates. Being a family owned business with a long history allows us to keep our objectives simple - provide the most reliable & professional workmanship in Colleyville Texas. We understand how big of an investment your backyard pool is and want to safeguard it from costly repairs caused by improper or lack of maintenance. Let Colleyville Neighborhood Pool Cleaners bring out the best in your pool and allow you to enjoy it more today and everyday. We desire your complete satisfaction of our maintenance services and back it up with a pool cleaning guarantee.

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For Colleyville Pool Owners we Designed a Signature & Select Pool Cleaning Plan

* Our Starting at Price   ( Monthly service fee based on a 4 week month )

For customers who have a spa attached to your inground pool, all pool cleaning prices listed will include your spa and this can alter the monthly cost.

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Our Colleyville technicians use pool supplies, equipment, parts and products from top brands like Jandy, Pentair, Hayward and Polaris.

Taking Care of Colleyville Pools in 23 Maintenance Points

Want to know the specific details of our professional pool cleaning plans? This diagnostic checklist is the cumulation of a dozen years of industry experience.

Your Swimming Pool Chemicals & Water Balance
  1. Total Chlorine (includes chloramines) - preserve
  2. Total Dissolved Solids - analyze Checking and measuring the amount of impurities.
  3. Chloramines - preserve
  4. Salt Content - managed on saltwater swimming pools
  5. Saturation Index - analyze
  6. Cyanuric Acid - analyze
  7. Calcium Hardness / Water Hardness - analyze
  8. Chlorine - preserve Sanitizing your pool water.
  9. Temperature & pH Factor - analyze We check the temperature for accurate pH factor calculations.
  10. pH Factor - preserve
  11. TA (Total Alkalinity) - preserve Stabilize the pH with sodium bi-carbonate.

Pool Equipment Checks
  1. Pump strainer baskets (checked & emptied)
  2. Skimmer baskets (checked & emptied)
  3. Sweep finger screen / wall screen debris bags (checked & emptied)
  4. Sweep finger screen / wall screen (cleaned & checked)
  5. Sweep finger screen / wall screen: operation inspection
  6. Filter backwashes: DE filters (monthly), sand filters (weekly)
  7. Valves monitored Inspected and adjusted for best pool circulation.

General Pool Cleaning
  1. Hose Vacuum *
  2. Net pool bottom and surface *
  3. Leaf Vacuum / Venturi *
  4. Brush spa
  5. Brush walls and steps

* Signature Pool Cleaning Plan Only

» View the Signature Pool Cleaning Plan Cost and Details

» View the Select Pool Cleaning Plan Cost and Details

All Pool Services Include our Satisfaction Guarantee

The peace of mind of every Colleyville customer is important to us. Learn More »

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Homes our Weekly Routes Service

We provide weekly pool cleaning to homeowners in the 76034 zip code and also many surrounding neighborhoods. Call us for confirmation of service availability.

Pool Partners

It's clear to us that local Colleyville referrals are the gold standard of business growth. Therefore we also love to recommend growing companies in the pool cleaning field that we know perform excellent work, such as The Blue Pool Guys of Sanibel in Sanibel, FL.

Colleyville is an Awesome Place

When you think of vibrant, thriving communities in [Tarrant County, Texas], Colleyville often springs to mind. Homeownership here is not just about having a place to live, it's about being a part of a community that values family, culture, and natural beauty. For us at [companyName], it's a privilege to serve residents in this exciting city. The city is a homebuyer's dream with its variety of homes, from chic modern designs to charming ranch-style houses. Colleyville homeowners take pride in their residences and we take pride in maintaining their plumbing systems. Nothing beats the feeling of helping a neighbor avoid a 'waterworks' disaster! Colleyville is a city that embraces its history while looking to the future. The exciting mix of the modern and the traditional is evident in landmarks like the Colleyville Public Library, a hub for learning and community gatherings, and the Colleyville Nature Center, a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. The city's dynamic atmosphere extends to its festivals and events. The annual Christmas in Colleyville and Movies in the Village celebrations are local traditions that bind our community together. Art and music are also central to Colleyville's unique charm. The vibrant art scene is visible in the many murals and sculptures scattered across the city. Music, too, is a big part of life here. From the summer concerts at the local parks to the music festivals, there's always a tune in the air. Outdoor activities and green spaces abound in Colleyville. With numerous parks and trails, it's a paradise for those who love to stay active. From morning jogs to Sunday picnics, there's always an excuse to enjoy the great outdoors. And remember, when it comes to watering your gardens, we've got your plumbing covered! Education is a key focus in Colleyville, and our city is home to some of the top schools in [Grapevine-Colleyville ISD]. We also have a close relationship with our academic neighbors in [Grapevine, TX] and [Southlake, TX], fostering a community of lifelong learners. There's a saying in the plumbing business, "We're here to fix your pipes, not your life." But in Colleyville, it's hard not to get swept up in the excitement of living here. So when an emergency plumbing situation strikes, fear not, [companyName] is nearby with licensed professionals, ready to turn that frown upside down. In our city, we're all about making a splash - but in a good way!

It's a Joy to Serve Colleyville Texas

With our pool cleaning plans, which are backed by our Pool Cleaning Guarantee, your swimming pool will look refreshing every time you walk out to your backyard.

Send us a message or call us at (817) 349-6414 if you would like to add your pool to our local route for pool cleaning or get a quote.